Running Free Festival IV / 10 years Metal Force HMC

Къмпинг "Стринава" - гр. Дряново, България

2 дни с метъл и бира - сцена - къмпинг - грил

27.08 (петък) - Подгряващ ден - караоке ('70 и '80 диско, глем, хеви, дет), специална програма с видеоклипове и концертни изпълнения, метъл DJ

28.08 (събота) - Фестивален ден


Axecutor - black/thrash - специално шоу
Terravore - thrash metal
Concrete - death metal - 10 години на сцена
Rampart - heavy metal
Ciroza - thrash metal
Bestia Ater - death metal
Алкофилия - drunk punk


Билети (В цената са включени къмпинг и душове)

Running Free Festival 2016

Ladies and gentlemen, Metal Force HMC has the honor to invite you to the second edition of Running Free Festival 2016, which will be headlined by Swedish death metal legends Unleashed and Teutonic speed metal veterans Iron Angel.Participation will take the Bulgarian death metal pride Scapegoat, the heavy metal-hopes of Sweden Ambush, The Serbian thrashers Deadly mosh and Romanian youth Damage Case.

May 28 (Saturday), 2016 at 15:00.
"Maymunarnika", city Sofia

Tickets in the Ticketpro network of prices:

first 100 - 45 
BGN (~23 EUR)
30.04 - 50 BGN (
~26 EUR)
to 27.05 - 55 BGN (
~28 EUR)
at the doors - 60 BGN (
~31 EUR)

Welcome to an unforgettable old school party!

Beronovo Open Air 2015

Metal Force HMC proudly invite you to the annual meeting - Beronovo Open Air in honor of 4 years since the foundation of the club.

The event will take place from 4 th to 6th of September in the camp ground near village of Beronovo, Sungurlare municipality. The camp is situated near the picturesque valley of Luda Kamchia river.

Again we have prepared amazing audio and video compilations with the best metal music of all time. Big screen will broadcast metal music videos and concerts during the night time. We will re-do the favorite metal karaoke from last year.

As always our metal chefs will present themselves with high level dishes and the beer bar will be on guard nonstop to save lives.
In the camp ground you can park your car, put your tent , sleeping bag or just to sleep under the stars.
There are guest houses for the most choosy in the village.

All members, friends and metal maniacs from all over the world are welcome.

Entrance fee – 3 BGN.


Romanian Thrash Metal fest 3rd Edition - Old Grave Fest

Metal Force HMC is organizing a trip to Bucharest for 

at Oct. 10-11. The two-way ticket costs 60 leva. For questions and booking e-mail:

“Metal Force Meeting – 3 years war in the name of Metal”

Metal Force HMC proudly invites you the metal gathering “Metal Force Meeting – 3 years war in the name of Metal” held from 29 to 31 of August in occasion of the 3rd year from the foundation of the club.
The event will be held in camp ground near Beronovo village(municipality of Sungurlare) situated in the picturesque valley of Luda Kamchia river.
The club member has prepared various musical soundtrack which will be filled with hard and heavy from the 70s’ through the classical heavy and thrash of the 80’s , including also the Swedish and English death metal from the 90’s , the radical black metal from the north and last be not least the Teutonic speed metal. We will also devote special attention to the Bulgarian metal music developed throughout the years after the communist decay until present day. During the nights concerts and video clips will be projected on a big screen.

The club Chefs will prepare for you fanatical dishes from pork and other vegetables, and the hot beer will be forbidden in the party area.
If you are a club member, supporter or regular metal fan who loves to spend good time during the weekend in fresh air then this is your metal option!
Do not forget your swimsuits, tens and sleeping bags.

Enter 2 BGN


Hobbs' Angel Of Death

Metal Force HMC proudly presents the Australian legends Hobbs' Angel of Death at 23. December 2013, 21:00 at 8th Ball club, 50 Tzar Samuil str. Axecutor will support this winter night together with Mass Cremation from Varna. 

Entrance fee 12 bgl.

Romanian Thrash Metal Fest

Metal Force HMC is organizing a trip to Bucharest for Romanian Thrash Metal Fest at Oct. 12. You can buy your ticket in Bulgaria too. The price for one ticket is 29 leva. For order, questions and booking e-mail: 
For all fans from Veliko Tarnovo and the area, There will be a second bus from Veliko Tarnovo to Bucharest. For more info: Yordan Todorov mob. 0898 527 095; e-mail:

Keep It True

Metal Force HMC organize a trip to Keep It True festival in Germany at 17th April from Sofia. We still have 4 free places !!! For more info


Metal Force Night 2

Metal Force HMC със съдействието на метъл бар "The Black Lodge" и Metal Hammer Bulgaria, кани всички свои членове, както и всички приятели на метъла на "Metal Force Night 2" – една нощ на металната сила - част втора, която ще се проведе на 16 март 2013 г. (събота) в метъл бар "The Black Lodge".
Музиката е подбрана специално от членовете на клуба, която обхваща от стари хеви метъл класики , през спийд и траш касапници, до ъндърграунд дет и блек метъл, отварящи глътка химни. Подготвили сме игри - надпиване с бира и шотове, метъл караоке, канадска борба и томбoла в която всеки може да участва и да си тръгне с тениска, CD, брой № 7 на Metal Hammer Bulgaria и др.
Елате с отпочинали черни дробчета, защото вечерта ще е дълга, напоена с много бирa, водка и коктейли! 
Заповядайте след 21:00 ч., вход свободен.

Thrashing Evil Maniax

"Metal Force HMC" invites you at "Thrashing Evil Maniax" with the black-thrash aggressors Obsessör from Germany, the friends of the Bulgarian underground, the evil-rock&roll maniacs Omega from Thessaloniki , Greece and the speed-thrash freaks Axecutor form Sofia! 

Obsessör are going to play for first time in Bulgaria with special setlist for that, Omega will show their second album "Rock n' Roll Hell Patrol" on stage, Axecutor are ready with a new material!

Be there!!!

Date  13 october 2012 г. club "the Box", Sofia starting at 19:00h. price 8 lv.


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