“Metal Force Meeting – 3 years war in the name of Metal”

Metal Force HMC proudly invites you the metal gathering “Metal Force Meeting – 3 years war in the name of Metal” held from 29 to 31 of August in occasion of the 3rd year from the foundation of the club.
The event will be held in camp ground near Beronovo village(municipality of Sungurlare) situated in the picturesque valley of Luda Kamchia river.
The club member has prepared various musical soundtrack which will be filled with hard and heavy from the 70s’ through the classical heavy and thrash of the 80’s , including also the Swedish and English death metal from the 90’s , the radical black metal from the north and last be not least the Teutonic speed metal. We will also devote special attention to the Bulgarian metal music developed throughout the years after the communist decay until present day. During the nights concerts and video clips will be projected on a big screen.

The club Chefs will prepare for you fanatical dishes from pork and other vegetables, and the hot beer will be forbidden in the party area.
If you are a club member, supporter or regular metal fan who loves to spend good time during the weekend in fresh air then this is your metal option!
Do not forget your swimsuits, tens and sleeping bags.

Enter 2 BGN